Picnic at the Museum

Picnic at the Museum

Picnic at the Museum

June 27 – July 28

Picnic la muzeu

Could an art exhibition positively influence our eating habits and lifestyle?

Unhealthy eating comes at a huge social cost to each of us, as well as to the community.

Bringing together picnic-themed artworks, the temporary exhibition Picnic at the Museum has taken up this challenge, inviting you to reflect on the impact that break time, and especially lunch time, can have on our daily routine. Apart from a better reconnection with oneself, the lunch break can be that indispensable moment for a genuine closeness with others – colleagues, family or friends – a respite that replenishes us with creativity and energy, but also gives us our daily dose of physical and mental health for the long road to a better life.

The initiative is inspired by the FOOD (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand) programme. FOOD is the largest European programme, coordinated by Edenred in 10 countries, supporting healthy eating habits of employees and, at national level, of pupils in schools and kindergartens.

Let yourself be inspired by FOOD!