Ammar Alnahhas

Ammar Alnahhas

Ammar Alnahhas

May 30 – July 7


As a paradoxical counterpoint to an increasingly dynamic and technological society, in which the notion of time has already deviated from the orbit of self-consciousness and man has gradually and willingly reduced his existence to two premises, namely that of interconnection and histrionic self-exposure, Ammar Alnahhas opens windows onto worlds that, like dreams, lie outside measurable time, having absolutely no need of it. Like dreams, the cosmos created by Ammar Alnahhas is accurately subject to the rhythms of fairy-tale structures with an oriental flavour.

Trained at the Academy of Arts in Damascus, the artist expresses himself in his plastic creative approach and the relationship between form and colour, eminently by amplifying the brilliance of the chromatic palette, which in its graceful gesture generates a miraculous visual feast.

The universe created by Ammar is revealed and exacerbated by the cadences of the pictorial layers that condition each other, refer to each other and despite their complexity never remain unnoticeable. His own self always finds in the need for harmony a compass that helps orient him in the multidimensional structure of the works.

Without bordering on the trivial, the thematic variety is primarily focused on the immediate surroundings, on what the eye discovers in its next approach, transforming the canvas into a place whose expression can become an effective method for reflecting on contemporary artistic discourse.

Beyond the rejection of any sensationalism or conceptual intent, Ammar Alnahhas creates formally, in classical compositional schemes, balanced and ordered, intensified by the explosive-anarchic expansion of colour, light and textures. The artist has a keen sense of the spatiality of colour. Luminosity transforms chromatic fields into a game of building proportions that unleashes the energetic potential of colours and enhances the tonal value of musical chords.

The pictorial spaces, here and elsewhere, tell the story of life from one perspective or another, revealing invisible links between now and then, in canvases that dynamically recreate a narrative thread. The poetics of an expanded space in its permanent oscillation between Order and Anarchy.

Curator: Ana-Maria Altmann