With the rise of China and the increasing openness of its society, the young Chinese artists, immersed in a global context and enabled by their own sense of the times, knowledge buildup and individual spiritual liberalization, are breaking out of a certain genre or school, and showing a heavier tone of personalized experience, thus creating their own semantics space. They have been rediscovering, receiving and processing the various messages of the society with their acute eyes. They are capturing, with symbols and visuals, a brand new interpretation of the human values concerning time, life, rules and the environment along with the social realities, expressing them with international, contemporary artistic language on the basis of traditional Chinese cultural values coupled with different contexts, angles and ways of representation.

The show will feature the works of a new generation of young artists from China who express their mind on the mankind and nature with their most authentic visual logics and artistic inspirations. Against the new historic background of the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, through this show, we hope to build a bridge of communication, boost the mutual understanding and friendship between young artists of China and the world, inspire the audience through varying forms of interactions and links, and therefore, improve the level of cultural exchange between the young for them to feel the pulse of the times and resonance of the spirit.