Zoltán Soós


Zoltán Soós is a historian and archaeologist and has extensive experience in cultural management - collaborator at the Museum of History of Budapest 1997-1998, coordinator of the cultural project and exhibition "Uses and Abuses of the Middle Ages" at the Central European University - Open Society Institute, Budapest 2002. He has 15 years of experience in implementing archaeological cultural heritage projects in Romania and has organized 15 archaeological sites. The results were finalized in the case of the Tîrgu Mureş fortress, where it contributed with the archaeological research to the creation of the archaeological park.

He has worked as a museum project evaluator within the AFCN and an expert evaluator for national cultural heritage projects within the AFCN. Since 2014, he is a member of the National Commission of Museums and Collections, working with the Ministry of Culture, and since 2015 he is an expert patrimony on ceramics and metals, Central Europe, on the 13th-18th centuries.

Zoltán Soós was the organizer, co-organizer or curator of several temporary or permanent exhibitions such as:

"Tonitza and the Genius of Childhood" exhibition, 2019
The Golden Pearl Exhibition, 2019
Exhibition "Sükösd Ferenc," 2018
The Arcade Colors Exhibition. Masterpieces of the Zichy Collection "2016
Graphic exhibition "Dürer, Mantegna, Hogarth" from the Szépművészeti museum in Budapest 2015
"Museum Values and Acquisitions" 2009, 2015
"Leonardo da Vinci's brilliant inventions" 2013
The exhibition "From the history of the town of Târgu Mureş" in the bastion of the gate from the Târgu Mureş fortress, opened in 2006
Bernády György Mayor's Memorial Room in the Palace of Culture in Târgu Mureş, varnished in 2007
The exhibition "Târgu Mureş Art Nouveau" in the Palace of Culture, Târgu Mureş, varnished in 2008