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Each year, Art Safari Bucharest goes into less accessible, forgotten or unknown places in Bucharest. This year we’ll discover together Kretzulescu Galleries whose doors we open between 19 May to 18 June 2017. Kretzulescu building was created by the architect George M. Cantacuzino between 1934 – 1939, known by its galleries that are inspired by the classic Italian architecture. Before Kretzulescu Galleries were built (Calea Victoriei 45), people enjoyed Kretzulescu Inn, a building that housed shops and rooms. The Inn was demolished in 1938 and shortly after Kretzulescu Galleries were built. Between the 70s – 80s, the second and third floors hosted Informatics and Documentation Centre of the State’s Security Sistem. From 1989 until now galleries were closed, except the ground floor which houses bookstores also today.

The biggest art event in Romania invites you to Calea Victoriei 45, Bucharest at Kretzulescu Galleries.





Dada central exposition


AICC [Bucharest, Ro]

Alert Studio [Bucharest, Ro]

Anca Poterașu Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Annart Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Argo Art [Bucharest, Ro]

Argo, by Andreea Buga [Bucureşti, Ro]

Artfooly [Bucharest, Ro]

Artmemento Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Art Yourself Gallery  Bucharest, Ro]

Artmark [Bucharest, Ro]

ArtSociety [Bucharest, Ro]

Atelier Corneliu Baba [Bucharest, Ro]


Balamuc [Timișoara, Ro]

Borderline Art Space [Iași, Ro]


Calpe Gallery [Timișoara, Ro]

Casa Artelor [Bucharest, Ro]

Codrin’s Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Colony Art [Bucharest, Ro]

CityGallery [Botoşani, Ro]


Dependent de Artă [Bucureşti, Ro]


Elevator, Emerging [Bucharest, Ro]

European Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


Five Plus Art Gallery [Vienna, At]

Focus Art [Cluj, Ro]


Galeria 9 [Cluj, Ro]

Galeria Ilea [Cluj, Ro]

Galeria Lina [Bistrița, Ro]

Galeria Posibilă [Bucharest, Ro]

Galeria Simeza [Bucharest, Ro]

Galeriile Carol [Bucharest, Ro]

Galateca [Bucharest, Ro]

Galerie Atelier Jutka [Bedburg, De]

Galerie Joana Dürig [Schwanden, Ch]

Go Contemporary [Bucharest, Ro]


Iacob Foundation [Bucharest, Ro]


Jecza Gallery [Timișoara, Ro]


Kunst Art [Bochum, De]


L’Art Industriel Gallery [Udine, It]

Löwendal Foundation [Bucharest, Ro]

Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Lavacow [Bucharest, Ro / Amsterdam, Nl]


Marie Nouvelle Design [Bucureşti, Ro]

Mobius Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


Nostru Group [Sibiu, Ro]


Pàl Art Gallery [Miercurea Ciuc, Ro]

Pilat Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

Pontica Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


Rosca’s Gallery [Craiova, Ro]


Société Suisse des Beaux-Arts (SSBA-GE) [Genève, Ch]


The Art of Living Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]

The Space [Bucharest, Ro]


Yu-Rom Artis [Bucharest, Ro]


Zorzini Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]


“No, Dada did not spring full-grown from a Zurich literary salon but grew out of an already extremely vibrant artistic tradition in Eastern Europe – particularly Romania – that was transposed to Switzerland when a group of Romanian Modernists settled in Zurich. Bucharest and other cities in Romania had been the scene of Dada-like poetry, prose, and spectacle in the years before World War I; one of the leading lights was Tristan Tzara, who began his career in Avant-Garde literature at fifteen when he cofounded the magazine Simbolul in the extremely vibrant city of Bucharest together with, among others, Marcel Janco and the poet Ion Vinea. Tzara – who himself coined the term “Dada,” inspired by an obscure connection of his birthday to an Orthodox saint – was at the Cabaret Voltaire that night, along with his fellow Romanians Marcel, Jules, and Georges Janco and Arthur Segal.” Tom Sandqvist


Art Safari team is honored to announce that Art Safari Bucharest 2016 – third edition, May 5-15, 2016 – main exhibition, dedicated to the Dada movement Centenary, is curated by Mrs. Raya Zommer-Tal, Director and Chief Curator of Janco-Dada Museum in Ein Hod (Israel), international expert on Dada Movement and Marcel Janco.

Raya Zommer-Tal (b. Haifa, 1958), director and chief curator of the Janco-Dada Museum in Ein Hod, Israel since 1988, curated more than 100 exhibitions. Her research and extensive publications focus on contemporary art, the Dada movement and Marcel Janco. She participated in international conferences in Israel and abroad, where she gave talks on her research. In addition and among others, she has been Art advisor to the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Israel Electricity Corporation Ltd, guest curator in various exhibition spaces, member of professional committees of the Museum Council, the Association of Museums in Israel, and the Haifa Culture Fund and the committee of “Amanu La’am”, etc. Graduate of the Faculties of Art and Studies of the Land of Israel, Haifa University, she received her Certificate in Museology from Tel Aviv University in 1985, and continued in programs of graduate studies in the departments of Art and at the Haifa University. Ms. Zommer-Tal was assistant director at the Hecht Museum, Haifa University from 1984 to her nomination at Janco-Dada.

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Alert Studio [Bucharest, Ro]
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Anca Poteraşu Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]
Powered by Exim Bank

Art Yourself Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]
Powered by Ţuca, Zbârcea şi Asociaţii

Balamuc [Timişoara, Ro]
Powered by GI Group

Calpe Gallery [Timişoara, Ro]
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Nostru Group [Sibiu, Ro]
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The Space [Bucharest, Ro]
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Zorzini Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]
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418 Contemporary Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Art A [Bucharest, Ro], AICC [Bucharest, Ro], Anca Poterașu Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Annart Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Argo Art [Bucharest, Ro], Artfooly [Bucharest, Ro], Baril [Cluj, Ro], Centrul Artelor Vizuale [Bucharest, Ro], Colony Art [Bucharest, Ro], Eastwards Prospectus [Bucharest, Ro], European Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Five Plus Art Gallery [Vienna, At], Focus Art [Cluj, Ro], Triade Interart [Timișoara, Ro], Galeria 9 [Cluj, Ro], Galeria Ilea [Cluj, Ro], Galeria Lina [Bistrița, Ro], Galeria Posibilă [Bucharest, Ro], Galeria Senso [Bucharest, Ro], Galeria Simeza [Bucharest, Ro], Artmark [Bucharest, Ro], Galleria Doris Ghetta [Bolzano, It], Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Galateca [Bucharest, Ro], Galateea Contemporary Art [Bucharest, Ro], Jecza Gallery [Timișoara, Ro], Kunst Art [Bochum, De], Laborna Contemporary Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Larm Galleri [Copenhagen, Dk], Lateral ArtSpace [Cluj, Ro], Lavacow [Bucharest Ro / Amsterdam, Nl], Nano Gallery [Cluj, Ro], Plan B [Cluj, Ro / Berlin, De], Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 [Vienna, At], Superliquidato [Cluj, Ro], Seabam [Bucharest, Ro], Wagner Arte [Bucharest, Ro], Yu-Rom Artis [Bucharest, Ro], Zorzini Gallery [Bucharest, Ro]




Corneliu Baba’s Studio [Ro], Arad Art Museum [Ro], “Centrul Artistic Baia Mare”, Baia-Mare County Art Museum [Ro], Constanța Art Museum [Ro], Craiova Art Museum [Ro], Galați Visual Art Museum [Ro], Târgu Mureș Art Museum [Ro], Pitești Art Museum [Ro], Râmnicu Sărat Municipal Museum [Ro]


Art Safari Bucharest 2015 displayed an overview of Romanian contemporary and modern art alongside a selection of artists represented by international galleries from Eastern as well as Western Europe. The selections included 50 galleries and cultural institutions presenting the artworks of over 300 artists.


The two sections offered a vast collection of artworks, including those of well established and emerging artists, together with a series of thematic exhibitions organized in partnerships with Romanian museums and cultural institutions.




Art Safari Contemporary 2015 edition focused on Romanian and international contemporary art galleries and independent spaces, focusing on established and emerging artists.



Art Safari Modern

Romanian museums featured on a particular period or thematic such as Avant-Garde, Romanian Modern Masters and Socialist Realism and cultural institutions brought to the public their programs meant to promote and support art.

Art Safari Business

The section was dedicated to a thorough selection of arts related business and companies that develop services and products specialized for the art professionals.


The 3rd Episode | Collective Contemporary Art Exhibition @ Ciclop (June 1-23, 2013): Street art, installation, painting, photography, performance

The 3rd Episode, organized in partnership with Pegas and Ciclop, is the first Work in Progress project that has reintegrated Ciclop Parking into the urban and cultural Bucharest life, by means of a non-conformist exhibition. The project, in the care of Alina Bucur, Iustin Moldovan, Andreea Cazan and Mihai Chiţu, brought together more than 40 Romanian artists: Pisica Pătrată, Allan Dalla, Kitră, Adrian Preda, Zoiţa, Cristian Prandea, Anda Bolohan, Radu Burduj, Mihai Chiţu, Ramona Şlug, Cuzina, Frank Neze, Alexandra Maftei, Pren, RO Qic, Dubios21, Serebe, Jeanne Tricottet (FR), Daniel Tufiş, Alia Bakutayan, Romeo Dragnea, Gina Ster, Cătălina Nistor, Karl Benton, Anca Irinciuc, Ramon Sadîc, Virginia Toma, Gelu Serseniuc, David Leonid Olteanu, Cosmin Marinescu, Cristian Pass, Dima Radu, ITI, Cristina Curelea, Horia George Ioniţă, Roks Rose, Irlo, Homeboy LDJ, Sinboy, Ada Muşat, Ortaku, Kadna and guests of the artists.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEUv4wm6iDc




Anaid Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Anemone Collection & Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Annart Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Apolo Art [Bucharest, Ro], Art + Architecture Today [Bucharest, Ro], ArtAntiques Design [Bucharest, Ro], ArtGeorgies [Iaşi, Ro], Artmark [Bucharest, Ro], Calpe Gallery [Timișoara, Ro], Casa Artelor | Galeria Pygmalion [Timișoara, Ro], Centrul Artelor Vizuale – Galeriile Căminul Artei [Bucharest, Ro], Centrul Cultural ArtSociety [Bucharest, Ro], Colony Art [Bucharest, Ro], Dependent de artă [Bucharest, Ro], European Art Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Five Plus Art Gallery [Vienna, At], Focus Art Gallery [Cluj, Ro], Fundația Triade [Timișoara, Ro], Fundația Ştefan Câlția [Bucharest, Ro], Galeria 9 [Cluj, Ro], Galeria Galateea [Bucharest, Ro], Galeria Posibilă [Bucharest, Ro], Galeria Simeza [Bucharest, Ro], Galeria XYZ / Intact [Cluj, Ro], Lavacow [Bucharest, Ro], Kunst Art [Bochum, De], Năsui Collection & Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Point Contemporary [Bucharest, Ro], Sarroglia Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Studio Ambre [Milan, It], Supreme Gallery [Bucharest, Ro], Ufofabrik Contemporary Art Gallery [Trento, It], Victoria Art Center [Bucharest, Ro], Wolkonsky Galerie [Munich, De]




Craiova Art Museum [Ro], Constanța Art Museum [Ro], “Centrul Artistic Baia Mare”, Baia-Mare County Art Museum [Ro], Comparative Art Museum – Sângeorz Băi [Ro], Timișoara Art Museum [Ro], Florean Art Museum [Ro], Galați Visual Art Museum [Ro], Bucharest National Arts University [Ro], Târgu Mureș Art Museum [Ro], ”Vasile Pârvan” Museum, Bârlad [Ro], Romanian Cultural Institute [Ro]


Art Safari Bucharest 2014 was the first edition of a professional art fair in Romania, designed for both heritage and contemporary art, event which brought together 79 art galleries and art dealers, museums and cultural institutions, both from Romania and abroad, 3 000 art objects and works and over 15 000 visitors in 4 days.


Art Safari Bucharest 2014 targets aimed at building a strong and functional network among all stakeholders of the Romanian art system. Identifying and highlighting the connections between heritage and contemporary art, optimizing the relationships between artist – gallery – collector, also between cultural institutions and the art market, so as to bring the entire cultural system closer to the public were part of Art Safari’s goals.


The fair’s sections were Museum & Cultural Institutions, Heritage Art, Collectibles, Contemporary Art, Design, Art Business & Media.


When will we assemble and dismantle the stand?
Stand assembly may start from 08:00, on the day before the art fair begins and must be completed by 18:00, the same day. Stand dismantling will take place on the last day of the fair, between 20:00 and 24:00.

What is the anticipated number of visitors?
Art Safari 2015 we expect to reach 30,000 visitors.

How many galleries will be selected?
Around 50 galleries and cultural institutions.

Who selects the participating galleries?
The Selection Committee and the Organisers will select exhibitors according to the criteria in the Art Safari Terms and Conditions.

What is the size of the exhibition area?
The exhibition area for Art Safari 2016 will have around 5,500 sqm.

What type of art objects can be exhibited?
Participating galleries can exhibit Contemporary Art. The 3 sections of Art Safari offer a wide variety of artworks, from painting, sculpture and works on paper, to new media, performance, installations etc. Exhibited items must comply to all regulations mentioned in Art Safari Terms and Conditions.

How many artworks can I exhibit?
There is no minimum or maximum number of artworks to be exhibited in a stand. The size of the stand, the size of exhibited artworks, complying to Art Safari exhibition regulations and stand concept will determine however several limitations. More details are available in the Art Safari Terms and Conditions.

What is the rental fee for a stand?
Rental fees depend on the size of the stand and can be found in the Application Form. There are 5 categories of stands:
Small booth– 15 m2 = 1.350 EUR + VAT
Medium booth – 35 m2 = 3.150 EUR + VAT
Large booth – 70 m2 = 6.300 EUR + VAT

What does the rental fee cover?
The rental fee covers, besides the rent for the stand space throughout the fair, including stand assembly and dismantling, exhibition walls painted white, with 3.5 m hight, general lighting, power supply, stand sign, one entry in the Art Safari official catalogue (double page, one photo), free Wi-fi, a number of VIP packages, exhibitor passes and artist passes (depending on the stand size).

How can I contract additional services?
Several additional services (additional lighting/walls, furniture rental, special design for the stand, deposit services before/after the art fair, additional catalogue pages, additional VIP packages, access passes etc.) can be contracted from the Organiser.

Can I chose the location where the stand will be placed?
No, the stand location is chosen by the Organiser depending on the number of rented stands for each section and space constraints. Participants can only chose stand dimension. If exhibitors have special requests related to stand location or stand design, such requests must be communicated to the Organiser with at least one month before the opening of the art fair.

The official fair catalogue is free of charge for participants?
Each participant will receive a number of free catalogues, depending on the stand size. If participants wish to acquire additional catalogues, they can purchase them from Art Safari’s venue, for a fee.

Does the Organiser charge a commission for items sold within Art Safari?

What artworks will be used for Art Safari catalogue?
Only one photo, for one artwork, will be used for the catalogue. On demand and for an additional fee, participants can add two more pages, one photo each.

Do I need insurance to attend the art fair?
Exhibitors are advised to insure their artworks. Art Safari will not contact insurance for exhibitors stands.

Will there be any internet connection?
Yes, participants will be able to use our free WI-FI.

Can I use the POS?

What is the Preview?
The Preview is organised one day before the public opening and is addressed to art specialists and collectors who are the first to view the exbibition and purchase the exhibited artworks. Access is by invitation only.

What is the VIP package?
VIP package offers several benefits, such as: unlimited access to Art Safari, invitation to Private View, invitation to opening and closing party, unlimited access to VIP Lounge, one Art Safari catalogue, free visit to partner museums and institutions, access to all VIP events (by reservation only). One VIP package is valid for two persons and is non-transferable.


The ART SAFARI Bucharest team appreciates your interest in the fourth edition of our art fair. You can sign up for one of these 5 periods:

  1. May 18 – 21, 2017 
  2. May 25 – 28, 2017
  3. June 1 – 4, 2017
  4. June 8 – 11, 2017
  5. June 15 – 18, 2017


Please carefully fill in the online application below, read the content of your application, as well as the ART SAFARI Terms and Condition. Acceptance of your application will be decided based on the information from the Application Form and the Application Files you upload and will be communicated to applicants through a written notification. The Application Form and the Application File as accepted by the letter of acceptance, together, represent the exhibition contract.

If you require assistance at any time during the application process, please contact us at info@artsafari.ro or telephone +40 736 381 177.

There are three booth categories for our Galleries and Art Business sections:

Small booth – 15 m2 = 1.350 EUR + VAT

Medium booth – 35 m2 = 3.150 EUR + VAT

Large booth – 70 m2 = 6.300 EUR + VAT

Booth Type
 Small booth – 15 m2 = 1.350 EUR + VAT Medium booth – 35 m2 = 3.150 EUR + VAT Large booth – 70 m2 = 6.300 EUR + VAT

 May 25 – 28, 2017 June 1 – 4, 2017 June 8 – 11, 2017 June 15 – 18, 2017

Attach files (max. 5 MB total)



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