Gheza Vida
(February 28th, 1913 - May 11th, 1980)

Great wood carver and a narrator of the past, Gheza Vida is a continuator of the popular tradition, where the origin, the man and his ancestors meet. He debuted as a sculptor in 1937, in a collective exhibition, around a group of artists from the "Society of Painters of Băimăreni", managing to be noticed on this occasion by both collectors and the press of the time. Developed near the place of his graduation, in Baia Mare, the artist's creation will evolve under the sign of intense experiences, at the level of vital instincts. Thus, closely related to the peasant ethos, his sculpture can be told. Among the representative works we find the "Monument of the Romanian Soldier" (1964), "the Monument of the Peasant Martyrs" from Moisei (wood, 1966 and stone, 1972) or "the Old Council" (1971), created in the pure spirit of the traditional or national archaic environment, transfigured over time into true sculptural symbols.