In 2018, the Museum Pavilion guided the public along with a non-linear exhibition route dedicated to Romanian art from the early 1990s, whose curatorial concept entailed reflection in the margins of unique moments and forms of visual experiment that bring to light the presence of structural affinities at the level of creative preoccupations and interests. The exhibition samples areas of ideatic crystallisation brought about by inner necessity, by choices that outlast history’s narratives, and which articulate forms of thinking and artistic research that interweave, in a manner new and defining for Romanian art, an interest in traditional culture, in the natural world, in the determinations of the existential datum. What remained visible throughout the series were the axes of a framework of knowledge and representation of life and the world where artistic practice aspires to the essentialisation of form, toward universality of the artistic act, and toward an embrace of the spiritual.

Artworks of the following artists will be part of the exhibition: Aurel Bauh, Ion Andreescu, Paul Gherasim, Decebal Scriba, Pavel Ilie, Gheorghe Pătrașcu, Max Arnold, Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck, Theodor Pallady, Teodor Rusu, Șerban Epure, Mircea Milcovitch, Ion Dumitriu, Horia Bernea, Teodor Moraru, Simona Runcan, Napoleon Tiron, Eugenia Pop, Christian Paraschiv, Ritzi și Peter Jacobi, Constantin Flondor, Horea Paștina, Ion Grigorescu, Mihai Sârbulescu, Ștefan Luchian, Constantin Brâncuși, Ion Țuculescu, Ștefan Bertalan, Florin Mitroi, Roman Cotoșman, Matei Lăzărescu, Paul Neagu, Mihai Olos, Diet Sayler, Florin Maxa, Ion Alin Gheorghiu, Grupul MAMŰ, István Kancsura, Ana Lupaș, Spataru, Dan Mihălțianu, Doru Tulcan, Miklósi Dénes, directors Mirel Ilieșiu, Paul Sterian and Nicolae Argintescu-Amza, those made during the campaigns of Dimitrie Gusti, as well as the composer's work Octavian Nemescu „Natural-Cultural” (1973) who represents the the starting point of the exhibition.

Creating the "Natural-Cultural" exhibition was possible thanks to the support and collaboration of invited artists and the following institutions and people:

The Visual Art Museum - Galati, National Museum of Contemporary Art, „Vasile Parvan” Museum - Barlad, Mureș County Museum, Art Museum of Brașov, Argeș County Museum, The Bacău Art Museum, the National Filmmaking Archive, Romanian Peasant Museum Archive;

Plan B, Cluj-Berlin, Anca Poterașu Gallery, Jecza Gallery, Romană Gallery, Allegra Nomad Gallery; Dr. Sorin Costina Collection, Ovidiu Șandor Collection, Mircea Pinte Collection, and Ion Dumitriu Collection;

Mihai Pop, Răzvan Bănescu, Irina Radu, Doina Ilieșiu Deneș, Alexandru Solomon, Mihai Nasta, Daria Dumitrescu, Ruxandra Garofeanu, Maria Pop Timaru, Iris Șerban, George Lecca, Sorina Jecza, Diana Marincu.

Matei Lăzărescu. „Inner Horizon”. Black and white photography, late 1960 © Matei Lăzărescu