Iaru & eLIBERarte [AR]

Iaru & eLIBERarte [AR], supported by Embassy of Argentina in România

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 6 PM - Argentine tango moment

Laura Iaru has been playing Argentine tango since 2006, when she began to discover its mystery and to interpret the value as a form of elegant expression for the human being. She traveled several times to Buenos Aires and studied with famous tango masters. In 2015, she won the 1st place at the Argentinean Tango European Championship - Italy's Tango Salon, and the title of world finalist at the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires in 2015, where she also danced. Over the years, Laura made seminars, group and private tango classes and danced both in Romania and in other countries such as Italy, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Republic of Moldova. For her, it is important to reflect the importance of tango as a source of self-knowledge to a social level for more and more people.

eLIBERarte is an organization created to promote and support the values represented by the Argentine tango. These values are based on creativity, improvisation, opening up to new trends, and cultivating the traditions of tango culture. This symbol of Argentina is considered one of the most expressive dances, because by its improvisational nature it gives us the opportunity to express ourselves as we are, to manifest our creativity, emotion and passion.