BCR Collection History

When we think about a bank's thesaurus, we think first of the values ​that the financial world traditionally operates - precious money and metals. But there is a tradition of success banks to invest in another direction, which contains values ​​of a totally different nature than the material ones. Collecting values ​​of artistic creation, the bank extends its treasure on a parallel route to museums and collections, becoming a conservator of a segment of cultural heritage. A collection is never finished. Works need historical, plastic, stylistic context. The Romanian Commercial Bank collection, which also includes a contemporary art section, developed mainly on the stylistic coordinates of the interwar period, a time when great artists, with highly individualized visions, contributed to the emergence of Romanian arts with a diverse range of issues related to what is happening in the Romanian space, but also in Europe, according to the great aesthetic directions of the time. The Romanian Commercial Bank collection is a young one that already has all the qualities to create a coherent historical picture of modern Romanian art. Romanian masters and their masterpieces are part of this collection, and it is always a good luck and a privilege to discover valuable works of art that are not in the public circuit. (Dana Crișan)