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Art Dialogue will continue with an extensive conference program, book launches, performances, and video projections attended by specialists from all over Europe.

Saturday, June 17

12:00-13:00 Book launch ”The drawer with letters”, unusual correspondence from Sasa Pana’s archive. Guests: Vladimir Pană, Petrisor Militaru, Igor Mocanu. Moderator: Cătălin Davidescu

13:00-14:00 Book launch Ilara Voronca, The Journal of Suicide. Guests: Vladimir Pana, Vasile Mihalache (Tracus Arte). Moderator: Petrişor Militaru

17:00-18:30 Book launch Dada Centenary Colloquium. Books presentation: “The Margins of the Avangard,” Tracus Arte ublishing – 2016 and “Poetics of the Self. Being Yourself “. Guests: Petrisor Militaru, Igor Mocanu, Vladimir Pana, Ovidiu Vintila and Dan Gulea. Moderator: Catalin Davidescu

Friday, June 16

18:00-20:00 “The Tuculescu case” documentary movie. Book launch “Hills and Plains”, Ţuculescu-Bernea. Guests: Ervin Kessler and Catalin Davidescu

Thursday, June 14

17:00-18:00 Book Launch: hARTA. PORTABLE TERRITORIES by Cosmin Paulescu

Sunday, June 11

17:00-18:00 Artist Talk: Barbara Anna Husar from Galerie & Kunsthandel Maximilian Hutz [Viena, AT]

Wednesday, June 7

19: 00-21: 00 G. M. Cantacuzino and Kretzulescu Galleries. Documentary movie about the life and work of G. M. Cantacuzino, an interview with Margareta Stern and a micro exhibition of her paintings.

Sunday, June 4

18:00 – 19:30 Vintila Horia. To what extend can Courts tighten our memory? Guest Lecturer Gabriel Andreescu

Thursday, June 1

18:00 – 19:30 Conference: The presence of Mircea Vulcanescu in the collective memory. What are the Security archives’ stories. Guest Lecturer Gabriel Andreescu

Saturday, May 27

17:00-19:00 ”Historical frames and their reproduction”. Barbizon frames’ biography and their stories. Guest: Cornel Rosca

Sunday, May 21

17:30 – 18:45 Galleri CC Presentation [Malmö, SE]. Guests: Madelaine Sillfors and Benjamin Andersson

Saturday, May 20

15:00 – 16:00 Artist presentation: Andreea Dobrin Dinu | Summerkid Studio

Friday,  May 19

19:00-20:30 Art Encounters 2017 Presentation. Guests: Ovidiu Șandor (Executive Director of the Art Encounters Foundation), Diana Marincu (Curator Art Encounters 2017)

Program’s partners: ARCUB – The Cultural Center of the Bucharest Municipality, Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest, University of Bucharest

Thursday, May 5 – Art Safari 2016 Preview
*20:30-21:30 Concert: Ada Milea și Bobo Burlăcianu – Hall of fame
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest

Friday, May 6
16:00-17:15 Presentation | Haifa Museums as a unique model of municipal museums. Serve as tools to Develop tourism and the local communities, Nissim Tal (Director of Haifa Museum of Art, Israel) [English only]
17:30-18:45 Presentation | Marcel Janco and the Dada Spirit, Raya Zommer-Tal (curator of Dada exhibition at Art Safari 2016, and director of Janco – Dada Museum, Israel) [English only]
19:00-20:30 Conference | UNESCO and its partners at ‘60 years of UNESCO in Romania
*19:00-19:30 Opening | Medi Wechsler Dinu, “The age of youth II”, curated by Luiza Barcan – CCCA Stand
*19:30-20:00 Art Time – Atelier de Creație, cu participarea artiștilor plastici Aniela Ovadiuc, Ernest Budeș și Misha Diaconu – Standul CCCA
*20:00-20:30 Opening | Mara Andrei, artist member of UAP Romania, presented by Alice Barb, director CCCA – CCCA Stand
Events organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest

Saturday, May 7
15:00-16:00 Book Launch | “Legends of Olympus” by Alexandru Mitru (coproduction CCCA – Tracus Arts Publisher), attending Prod. Univ. dr. Silviu Angelescu; “Stories from the day after tomorrow” by Alexander Mironov (Diana Publisher), with the participation of the author; ” Hopscotch ” coloring book and CD by Nicu Alifantis (coproduction CCCA – Alifantismusic) presented by Alice Barb, CCCA’s director
16:00-17:00 Book Launch | “Max Blecher – Complete Works” (coproduction CCCA – Tracus Arts Publisher, attending Prof.univ.dr.Paul Cernat and Ioan Cristescu, MNLR’s director; “Letters about theater” by Giorgio Strehler and “Carving in time” by Andrei Tarkovsky (coproduction CCCA – Nemira Publisher) attending Ana Nicolau, director of Nemira Publisher, editor-in-chief Dana Ionescu, and Monica Andronescu, coordinator of Yorick Collection
Events organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest
17:30-18:45 Presentation | Eastern European Roots of Dada and the Romanian Avant-Garde, Tom Sandqvist (Professor, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden, author of Dada East: the Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire volume, MIT Press) [English only]

Sunday, May 8

16:00-17:15 Presentation | The importance of museum frames in Romanian culture by Cornel Roșca (Rosca’s Gallery, Craiova, RO)
17:30-18:45 Conference | “Meriano/Tzara/Janco’s Correspondence” Show by Florin Colonas, staged by Catalina Buzoianu and Vlad Ivanov at Metropolis theater. Guests: Petrisor Militaru, Catalin Davidescu, Igor Mocanu
19:00-20:30 Theater | HEART SUNK IN GAS, DADA SEX – FOR STUPID BRAIN WASHING, “DOWN WITH ART BECAUSE IT IS A PROSTITUTE!” adapted after „Le Coeur à Gaz”, with texts by Tristan Tzara and parts of “Emperor of China” by G. Ribemont-Dessaignes, director Dan Victor – Hall of Honor
Event organized in collaboration with ARCUB – The Cultural Center of the Bucharest Municipality
19:00-20:00 Live Painting Performance | Mara Andrei, artist and member of UAP Romania – CCCA Stand
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest

Monday, May 9
19:00-20:00 Concert | “Amado Mio” with Jezebel and Alexandru Burca, Europe Day
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest

Tuesday, May 10

16:00-18:15 Conference | Jewish culture in Romania, attending Dr. Lya Benjamin (Study Center for Jewish History in Romania) and Dr. Kuller (CSIER); Was there any connection between the Jewish spirit and avantgarde events? Fundoianu’s case, attending Anca Tudorancea; Biting Street … Photographer I. Berman – avantgarde perspective; Avantguarde theme, Professor Aslam Constantin (UNArte) and UNArte students
Moderator: Professor Vasile Morar (Faculty of Philosophy, University Of Bucharest)

Wednesday, May 11

16:00-18:15 Conference | ‘War, revolution and vanguard’, attending Mihaela Pop (Faculty of Philosophy, University Of Bucharest), Paul Cernat (Faculty of Letters, University Of Bucharest, Alin Ciupală (Faculty of History, University Of Bucharest), Mircea Deac (CESI – University of Bucharest), Alexander Mironov (Faculty of History, University of Bucharest)
Moderator: Florin Turcan (Faculty of Political Science, University Of Bucharest)
Event organized in collaboration with the University of Bucharest
19:00-20:00 Classical guitar recital | Trio Zamfirescu
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest

Thursday, May 12

16:30-17:15 Movie Preview | Marian & Victoria Zidaru – Artists in Light, guests Victoria and Marian Zidaru, Adrian Buga and Franz Galo via Skype. A movie by Franz Galo, producer Argo Art, art historian consultant Adrian Buga, music by Britain Dexter. Presentation of artworks from the authors’ collection and the Royal Collection of Contemporary Art.
17:30-18:45 Conference | Individual revolution. Avantgardes avant la letter, attending Florica Mihuţ (DIAAIA-UB), Pliniu the Elder about eccentrics and artists; Catherine Long (DIAAIA-UB) Ebbo from who is hard to please; Daniela Zaharia (Diaa UB), The revolution of free style in Chinese painting
Event organized in collaboration with the University of Bucharest
19:00-20:30 Theatre | Performative reading from works of Tristan Tzara, with Adriana Zaharia (director) and actresses Andreea Bibiri, Oana Popescu and students from the Department of Art History, University of Bucharest
Event organized in collaboration with the University of Bucharest
* 19:00-20:00 Concert | Adrian Naidin at Art House Cultural Center District 3, Bucharest
Event offered by the Art House Cultural Center District 3, Bucharest

Friday, May 13

16:00-17:15 Literary Profile | Paula Romanescu – It happens at Cabaret Voltaire…, attending UNESCO Association – Iulia Hasdeu
17:30-18:45 Conference | Baza opens the city. The base is starting now, Baza Association: Maria Duda, Matei Bogoescu, Stefan Hillerin, Raluca Niculae, Alexandru Belenyi, with the support of Irina Niculescu
19:00-20:30 Presentation | Wisdom of the Earth. Why is this stone so expensive?, Valentina Iancu, art historian (MNAR, Bucharest, RO)
* 19:00-20:00 Live Painting Performance | Mara Andrei artist member of UAP Romania, CCCA Stand
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest

Saturday, May 14

15:00-16:00 Presentation | The Wide Space / Modernist Architecture and Romanian Avantgarde, Architect Alexandra Bunescu (Berlin, DE)
16:30-17:30 Concert for Children | ” Hopscotch ” and autograph session (coloring book and CD), with Nicu Alifantis
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest
17:30-18:45 Presentation | Dada and surrealist spirit in the work of Perahim, Marina Vanci-Perahim (Professor Emeritus, Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris, FR). Moderator Yvette Fulicea
19:00-20:45 Presentation | Introduction to the exhibition in the MAMCS Tristan Tzara (Modern and Contemporary Museum of Strasbourg, France; Estelle Pietrzyk (MAMCS Chief curator, FR) [in French, with translation].
Moderator Yvette Fulicea
Talk Non-Stop – Artists’ presentations @ Art Safari 2016
21:00-21:50 Artist Presentation | Otilia Cadar (Bucharest, RO)
22:00-22:50 Artist Presentation | Bianca Mann (Bucharest, RO)
23:00-23:50 Artist Presentation | Ioana Baltan (Bucharest, RO)

Sunday, May 15

16:00-17:30 Conference | “Interstellar Dialogues” to mark 35 years of Dumitru Dorin Prunariu’s space travel. Guests: Dumitru Dorin Prunariu and 12 astronauts from around the world, representatives of Space Agencies and Discovery Channel
Event organized in collaboration with Art House Cultural Center District 3 Bucharest
17:30-18:45 Presentation | Marcel Iancu, Dadaist architect, Doina Anghel, art historian (Creative Studio, Bucharest, RO)
19:00-20:15 Presentation | Dada, revolution against culture, Horia-Roman Patapievici (writer, Bucharest, RO)
* Events take place in the space dedicated to Dialogue Art Safari, except those that have specified another area
** The Concept of Art House Cultural Center’s cultural program: Alice Barb. Coordinator: Bela Krizbai


In order to ease the understanding of the Romanian Art Market as an engine of social and economic development, approachable by anyone, and to connect Romanians and foreigners to the Romanian artistic universe, historical and current, Art Safari Bucharest presents a program of conferences, book launches, performances and video projections entitled “Art Dialogues”, which will bring together specialists from all over Europe.


Partner: Romanian Cultural Institute
“From Local to National Museums”: Doina Păuleanu, Director Constanța Art Museum; Tiberiu Alexa, Director of Baia Mare Art Museum; Adriana Pantazi, Art Section Chief, Arad Art; Augustin Lucici, Art Section Chief, Argeș Museum Complex
Moderator: Virgil Nițulescu, Director of The Romanian Peasant Museum [Bucharest, RO]
“Local Art vs. National Art”: Lucian Indrei, Lateral Artspace [Cluj, RO];
Matei Bejenaru, Centre for Contemporary Photography (C_F_C) [Iași, RO]; Sorin Neamțu, BARIL [Cluj, RO]; Andrei Jecza, Jecza Gallery [Timișoara, RO]
Moderator: Irina Cios, Director Administration of The National Cultural Fund [Bucharest, RO]
“Underground in the Visual Arts Before ‘89”: Ion Grigorescu [Bucharest, RO]; Iosif Kiraly, [Bucharest, RO]; Christian Paraschiv [Paris, FR]; Teodor Graur [Bucharest, RO].
Moderator: Călin Dan, Director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art [Bucharest, RO]
“Painting is Dead, Long Live Painting!”: Ada Muntean (artist and curator and Visual Kontakt, Oradea); Adriana Oprea (curator and theoretician, Bucharest); Alexandru Rădvan (artist and lecturer at UNArte, Bucharest); Igor Mocanu (curator and theoretician, Bucharest) Moderator: Valentina Iancu (art historian and curator, Bucharest)
“Professional art market”: Gabriela Massaci, AnnArt Gallery [Bucharest, RO]; Elvira Lupșa, SOL Gallery [Bucharest, RO]; Kinga Lendeczki, ArtGuideEast, [Budapest, HU/ Chișinău, MD]; Hans Knoll, Knoll Gallery [Vienna, AT]
Moderator: Mihaela Dedeoglu, journalist Radio France International [Bucharest, RO]



talk non-stop-min






O serie de prezentări de artiști care vorbesc publicului până-n miez de noapte despre practica artistică contemporană. Programul Talk Non-Stop este conceput ca un dialog dinamic și interactiv între artiști și public, într-o discuție captivantă care răspunde întrebărilor audienței.

“Talk Non Stop” is a series of presentations of contemporary artists, where the public has the opportunity to meet, discuss with the artists, and also discover different sides of contemporary art.
Artists presentation in 2015: Sorina Vazelina [Bucharest, RO], Saddo [Brașov, RO], Mircea Pop [Bucharest, RO], IRLO, Obie Platon & Kero [Bucharest, RO], Roman Tolici [Bucharest, RO], Emanuel Borcescu [Bucharest, RO] and Ștefan Ungureanu [Bucharest, RO]


Talk Non-Stop – Artists’ presentations @ Art Safari 2016
19:00-19:50 Artist Presentation | Ann Edholm (Stockholm, SE) [English]
20:00-20:50 Artist Presentation | Razvan Cornici and Livia Coloji (Timisoara, RO)