Moving characters

Fairies&Witches are not easy to recognize with the naked eye. Sometimes we just feel their presence. Then is enough to close our eyes and they will start taking shapes in our mind. During this workshop, we will make these images take shape in an artistic way: each fairy or witch will have its own story. What will be the story of your child’s fairy? All necessary materials are included: felt, wire, wool, corrugated paper, wooden beads, etc.

Pasta sculptures. Yes, we shall build a play scene! We will need different funny characters, which we will also make! We will use styrofoam, craft wire, pasta with different shapes and color. Come and see how your child’s imagination will unveil by making the most interesting characters and how much attention he can invest in the process. Guidance and all the necessary materials are included.


• Fairies&Witches (3-12 years) - Thursday, 19:00; Sunday, 19:00

• Pasta sculptures (3-12 years) - Wednesday, 20:00; Saturday, 19:00

Time: 1h
Price/workshop: 45lei/children

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