Folk Art: icons, painting, weaving

At this workshop your child can participate in one of the activities: wood painting, icon painting on glass or waving using a loom.The objects created or decorated using these ancient techniques that enriched the aesthetic of a home and enjoyed the eye and soul will find a replica in your child’s hands. In the same time, this can be perceived as a journey to the beginning of these techniques and find about the symbolism of the motifs used. The children will train their patience, aesthetic sense, creativity, fine motor skills and diversity of shapes. All the materials needed are included and the result of their work will be taken home.


• Wood painting (3-12 years)-Wednesday, 19:00; Saturday-Sunday, 18:00
• Painting glass icons (3-12 years)-Tuesday, 20:00; Thursday, 18:00; Saturday-Sunday, 14:00
• Loom weaving (4-12 years)-Monday, 18:00, Friday, 18:00, Saturday-Sunday, 13:00
Time: 1h
Price/workshop: 45lei/children

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