The 8th edition meant 18 days of joy, socializing and art, in which thousands of visitors crossed the 6000 square meters of the Dacia-Romania Palace, the main headquarters of the Pavilion, to see over 800 works of art that were on display. During the 3 weeks it was open, the Pavilion was visited by more than 36 thousand people (36,324), about 10% above last year’s visiting numbers.

For the first time in its history, the Bucharest Art Pavilion took place in two premises in the Historical Center, both of them wonderful, adding ARCUB Gabroveni Inn to the already traditional Dacia-Romania Palace.

The Art Safari 8th edition exhibited artworks with a total value of over 9 million euros, which were grouped in four exhibition pavilions:

  1. The Museum Pavilion: Samuel Mützner. Following Claude Monet
  2. The Guest Pavilion: Seduction and Triumph in Art. Female Artists of Romania
  3. The Central Pavilion: Constantin Piliuță. Zenith Color
  4. The Contemporary Pavilion: Superheroes/Antiheroes. Trends in Romanian Contemporary Art