Art Safari 2019 hosted on an area of 10,000 square meters works of Romanian heritage art, Supercontemporary art, international contemporary art and art installations, as well as a program of conferences on themes dedicated to art – Art Talks. The works, insured for a total value of approximately 15 million euros, came from important Romanian and foreign museums, as well as from important national and international private collections, and some of the Supercontemporary artworks and art installations were created especially to be exhibited at Art Safari 2019.

Among the oldest works on display at Art Safari 2019 was a Hellenistic marble depicting the god Charon with the dog Cerberus, dating from the 3rd century BC.

The most valuable work from private art collections exhibited at Art Safari 2019 was the nude In the Bedroom, a painting signed by Nicolae Tonitza, insured for the sum of 350,000 euros, which was purchased in 2011 by a collector from Bucharest.

  • 38.151 people have visited the Bucharest Art Pavilion – Art Safari. The number of visitors in 2019 was 11% higher than the previous edition, in May 2018.
  • 2.500 children have visited Art Safari, of which 1,500 also attended the creative workshops within the educational program Art Safari Kids.
  • For the first time, Art Safari Bucharest was open to the public at night too, as part of organized guided tours.

Art Safari 2019 exhibitions:

  • The Museum Pavilion “Tonitza and Childhood Genius”, curated by Zoltán Soós – hosted the largest Nicolae Tonitza retrospective with works from prestigious museums and private collections in Romania, as well as in Europe.
  • The International Pavilion “Made in China” was curated by Ji Zhongpeng and it hosted Chinese contemporary artworks, exhibited for the first time in Europe.
  • The Central Pavilion “REPVBLICA. On Shadows in Sculpture”,curated by a team formed by Călin Dan, General Manager of the National Contemporary Art Museum (curator), Celia Ghyka (curatorial research) and Sandra Demetrescu (curatorial assistant).
  • The Supercontemporary Pavilion “Young Blood. The Art of Your Time”, curated by Mihai Zgondoiu.