The Museum Pavilion of Art Safari 2017 was dedicated to the “Luchian and the Independents” exhibition occasioned by the Luchian Centennial (1916-2016). The exhibition comprised works from over 20 museums and private collections, in the attempt of recreating the artistic atmosphere of the 19th century-end, early 20th century. The largest Luchian exhibition in Romania in the past 50 years, provided an overview of the Romanian painting innovator’s work and of the secession group that took shape around him.

The Central Exhibition ”Notes on a Landscape”, curated by Wim Waelput (b. 1978, Ghent, Belgium)  took a transhistorical perspective on the artistic landscape in Romania and encompassed works from the beginning of the modern tradition to contemporary artistic positions. Organized around five chapters, explored ‘topical’ issues on identity, politics, and representation. The exhibition was focused on the variable role of the artist in society, in relation to these social and political contexts.

The Galleries Pavilion was a dynamic space in 2017, with Romanian and foreign galleries on display, by rotation, with the audience being able to visit new exhibitions every week. Art Safari Kids Programme, dedicated to children, came with plenty of novelties: guided tours performed by the pupils of Lauder school, workshops for the little ones and their families, where children, parents and grandparents can express their creativity together.

  • 27.784 visitors
  • 3.105 visitors to the opening
  • 4,8% aged under 18, 26,2% of visitors aged between 18-24, 31% between 25-34, 19,2% between 35-44, 18,8% over 45 years old. Art Safari Kids, the educational program addressed to children aged 3-12 years and adolescents over 12 years
  • 130 artworks from 20 permanent museum collections and private collections formed ”Luchian and the Independents” exhibition
  • 98 artworks from16 artists, 13 private collections and 3 museums formed the Central Exhibition ”Notes on a Landscape”, curated by Wim Waelput
  • 45 art galleries from Romania and abroad
  • 1.483 children participated at Art Safari Kids
  • 600 participants at Art Safari Dialogue conferences