Art Safari 2016 Central Exhibition was curated by Raya Zommer-Tal, director of Janco-Dada Museum (Ein-Hod, Israel) and focused on DADA movement, one of the best-known artistic movements. Art Safari 2016 displayed artworks by renowned artists – including numerous artists of Romanian origin, alongside many other international artists – such as: Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, Marcel Ianco, Arthur Segal, Jules Perahim, Max Herman Maxy and Victor Brauner.

Among the museums and international institutions that have come especially to study the Romanian contemporary art market are Tate Modern, the Beelden aan Zee Museum, the Bavarian Parliament’s Culture Committee, the European Curatorium for the European Capital of Culture 2021, but also specialists from the art museums of Strasbourg, Stockholm, Warsaw, Vienna, Haifa, Paris, Johannesburg, The Hague etc.

  • 24.536 total visitors
  • 3.000 visitors to the opening
  • 17% of visitors aged between 18-24, 38% between 25-34, 40% between 35-44, 5% over 45 years old
  • 350 artworks from 16 permanent museums collections and 21 art collectors, from both Romania and abroad, formed the Central
  • Exhibition
  • 60 National and International art galleries
  • 500 participants in the Art Safari Dialogue conferences
  • 700 children participated at Art Safari Kids