The most important artists of the moment and in the Romanian history got together for the first time in the nowadays Bucharest in a unique exhibition. For 4 days, people had the opportunity to admire over 1.000 heritage and contemporary artworks in an unconventional space, but also to assist at the latest discussions about the backstage of the Romanian art market. At the Pavilion the public had the chance to attend books and albums launches, Q&A sessions with artist, performances or contemporary music.

From Cabaret Voltaire of Switzerland to „111” and „Sigma” Groups from Timișoara, from Grigorescu, Aman, Andreescu, Luchian, Tonitza, Pallady, Petrașcu, Ressu to Chiuariu, Flondor, Rădvan, Rață, Tolici, Mladin, Slimovschi, from Art Market Regulations debate to the University Artistic Education debate, Art Safari offered to visitors the occasion to discover the diversity of the artistic values and to perceive the national cultural identity.

Among the Art Dialogue speakers were: Angela Baillou (Christie’s Viena – Austria), Vita Zaman (ViennaFair – Austria),Fons Hof (Art Rotterdam Fair Director – Holland), Rieder Gabor (FlashArt – Hungary), Ioan Sbârciu (UAD Cluj-Napoca President– The University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca – Romania), Lars Ebert (ELIA Board Secretary – The European League of Institutes of Art), Ani Molnar (Ani Molnar Gallery – Hungary), Andrei Jecza (Jecza Gallery – Romania), Cristian Robert Velescu(National University of Art Bucharest – Romania), Adrian Notz (Cabaret Voltaire – Switzerland), Doina Lemny (Centre Pompidou Atelier Brâncuşi – France) and many others.